Проститутка Ксюша у метро Белорусская 3000 р/час

Проститутка Ксюша


Город: Россия, Москва
+7 (926) 368-11-43
Настоящее имя: Ксюша
Возраст: 34   Рост: 170   Вес: 54
Цвет волос:
Район: Тверской


1 час: 3000 руб.

2 часа: 6000 руб.

Ночь: 12000 руб.

Сексуальные предпочтения и мое местоположение

Немного обо мне и мои фото

Натуральная, жизнерадостная и нежная женщина желает парня для жесткого секса. Все фотографии реальны. Я достойна твоего внимания!

MY OWN FOTOS. FLUENT ENGLISH. Sensual massage and more… that RELAX you from busy day!
I offer a real girlfriend experience-with a lots kisses and tender sensual massage, that relax you from busy day.
I am sexy, nice, independent woman, borened in Moscow. Simply put, I am the girl next door. I am the beautiful blonde you might bump into at the grocery store and wish you could have. I would be pleased to accompany you, whether it is an afternoon escape from your hectic day or a beautiful companion for dinner. I always dress to please and I have many outfits, corsets, glamour wear, hold-up stockings, suspenders, high heels and boots.
And i am comfortable in jeans with very little make-up or all dressed up. I will always be dressed appropriately for the occasion.
I speak fine english. I&|39,m sweet, clean,
and cute. I am a non-smoker girl. I have a great sense of humor and you will instantly feel at ease in my company.
I will be the fantasy you have always dreamed of.
I love to have fun and enjoy the intimate sensual pleasures life has to offer. Turn your fantasy into realitycall.

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